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About the CCWA Continuing Education Program

The CCWA, through its affiliation with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC), has an ongoing specifier outreach process, where we maintain one-on-one communications with specifiers in dozens of cities throughout North America. Our field representatives hear from architects, designers and facility managers regularly about their need to understand the millwork and cabinetry, and architectural woodworking industry, including the material selection and installation process in a more comprehensive manner.

About our program content

All content is developed by veteran custom woodworking instructors, each with an average of 20 years of field and classroom experience. All content is reviewed and approved by a 10-member Labor-Management Committee for the Custom Woodworking Industry, which represents some of the largest and most successful custom woodworking shops in North America. Finally, all content is reviewed and approved by master instructors at the Carpenters International Training Center, which works closely with educational consultants from the custom woodworking industry to review and refine all educational materials.

Program Title: Hardwood Veneers for Architects

Length: One Hour
Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the organic and manufactured anatomy of veneers
  • Understand the various styles and types of veneers, including various looks, characteristics, and durability
  • Understand how veneers are made from various trees
  • Understand how best to match the correct veneer choice for the individual project

Program Title: Wood Species for Architects

Length: One Hour
Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the role various wood species play in an interior and exterior building or design/build project, including their attributes, pros and cons of various styles how each will act in a variety of environments
  • Understand the sustainability factors that affect the building and construction industry
  • Understand cuts and grades of hardwood, and common species for building projects
  • Learn to identify the proper selection of wood species according to the desired result of the client
  • Understand the role proper specification of wood species plays in completing a successful project

How we ensure quality instruction

Parameters as set forth by the AIA, IIDA, CSI, and IFMA were studied prior to creating these programs. The result is our paying careful attention to meet learning objectives and time requirements. As for instructor delivery, the CCWA instructors and training center coordinators benefit from the UBC’s “train the trainer” program based at the International Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, instructors are given comprehensive training on the proper methods of instructional delivery, based on industry needs. Delivering continuing education programs is a regular component of that training.